Service Outline

The BizPortal is a new wireless LAN broadband access service. It strongly supports business people in Shinjuku area, the city of business information source. Users can enjoy broadband network at public spaces such as hotels and office buildings at any time without advanced registration. The Internet access charge is 500yen for one day and 1,000yen for seven days.

High-speed and movability are essential in the information-oriented society. Use the BizPortal as your second office.

High-Speed Broadband
Provides high-speed network environment of up to 11Mbps data rate using wireless LAN IEEE802.11b.
One Time Card
Whether or not you subscribe ISP or you are visiting Japan for short-term business trip, you can enjoy broadband network service any time without advanced registration. (One Day Card: 500yen, Seven Days Card: 1,000yen)
Free Access
Free portal site enables you to access Internet without ID and password. You can get area information and coupons for fee.
Shinjuku Area Restricted Service
You can use your ID and password at any BizPortal portal site in Shinjuku area within the utility time.
No need to setup IP address
You can access the network without changing the TCP/IP settings of your PC.

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